AS/RS warehouses and AGV

Pentaline® designs and installs semi-automatic or fully automatic clad-rack warehouses, integrating them with RGV and/or AGV systems for the total automation of the customer's intralogistics chain:

  • AS/RS high density automated warehouses;
  • FIFO or FILO warehouses or docks;
  • Stacker cranes;
  • Shuttles;
  • RGV;
  • AGV;

Our know-how and experience in supplying complete lines and technologically advanced end-of-line solutions, allowed us to develop and create storage and preparation systems for raw materials or finished product. Pentaline® ensures total integration with the other phases of industrial production. For example:

  • Truck loading or unloading preparation dock, fully automatic or gravity and interfaced to pallet racks, stackers, forklifts or AGV;
  • Reception or delivery of full pallets by AGV or RGV, sorting and feeding or picking automated warehouses;
  • Empty pallet or raw material centers for supply to various end-of-lines and machines;
  • Product mixing centers SKU on pallets for customized delivery to customers;
  • Validation systems for the status and conformity of empty pallets, and validation of the status of full pallets through electric and/or mechanical reading systems;


These and other solutions are developed according to the client's needs and allow for:

  • Full autonomy of your intralogistics chain;
  • Accurate batch tracking;
  • Dramatic increase and optimization of space;
  • Flexibility in the management of raw materials or finished product;
  • Speed and precision in product movement and delivery;

Safety is an aspect which requires a higher level of attention when talking about the autonomy of automatic systems, to which Pentaline® gives top priority in the equipment it develops or integrates.


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