EvoDPal Celer

Software module that can be installed in Pentaline® palletizing systems, enabling the addition of an intelligent, powerful, and intuitive vision system which detects products on a pallet and facilitates autonomous depalletizing.

  • Depalletizes mixed products;
  • Graphic and user-friendly interface;
  • Detects products of different sizes and random positioning;
  • Depalletizes the product with an angle when using a 6-axis robot;
  • Pre-configured module for quick and easy parameterization;
  • Virtual simulation of depalletizing;
  • Depalletizing to the warehouse, re-palletizing with mixed products on a new pallet, order systems for picking or for selecting and sorting products at line infeed;
  • Detects and depalletizes pallets with the same type of product, with different products per layer (rainbow) or with randomly mixed products on a pallet;
  • The module is equipped with Pentaline® basic software and requires a robot for depalletizing;


The areas of application and products to be handled are diverse:

  • Food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, hygienic paper, logistics, and others;
  • Packages, boxes, buckets, and other types of products under confirmation;
  • All types of pallets and layer pads.

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