Engineering and Full Lines

With a deep knowledge of the functioning and management of an industrial line, Pentaline® is awarded with large-scale projects of great responsibility:

  • Study and project of new filling and packaging lines;
  • Study and project of end-of-line systems;
  • Project and assembly of palletizers and depalletizers;
  • Study and implementation of automated warehouses, FIFO or FILO type docks, stacker cranes and shuttles;
  • Study and re-implantation of existing lines;
  • Study and line upgrades for production, technological, or other improvements;
  • Line supervision systems;
  • Project management, from the design, definition of production flows, estimation of line speeds and needs, planning, production, assembly, and support at start-up;
  • Diagnostics for existing lines, such as design errors, low yield, security, ergonomic issues, exploration, and maintenance.


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