With a long-established track record and expertise in conveying and end-of-line solutions, Pentaline® sets new industry standards in the manufacturing of high-performance industrial equipment and robotic depalletizing units.

Engineered to encompass the latest advancements in depalletizing technology, EvoDPal® offers a wide range of highly adaptable and fully configurable start-of-line robotic depalletizing solutions.

  • Layer-by-layer or single unit depalletizing - enables handling by dragging or vacuum systems, which can also be combined with clamping;
  • Solutions designed for handling packages and products of different sizes and formats;
  • Automatic handling of slip sheets and empty pallets;
  • Solutions developed according to the highest quality and safety standards;
  • User-friendly interface facilitates effective learning;
  • Tested for quick commissioning;
  • Highly dynamic and reliable process;
  • Flexible systems compatible with existing equipment and layout;
  • Robust solutions which allow sharing between various lines or integration of several robots with segmented operations;
  • Increased productivity;
  • Increased accuracy in feeding the star-of-line;
  • Reduced labor costs by redeploying low-added value activities to more appropriate ones;
  • Improved safety by reducing injuries related to repetitive tasks;
  • Flexibility in choosing the solution that best suits the needs.

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