Accumulation tables

Pentaline® offers standard and customized models of dynamic accumulation tables, with pressure and without pressure. Automated and efficient solutions for container accumulation and flow control.
They allow the accumulation of a large number of containers and absorb any slowdowns and/or micro-stops caused by production problems, or any interventions during the production process.
With great flexibility in the formats to be handled, they are specially designed for unstable, fragile and/or heavy products, with a specific format, and any type of material (PET, glass, etc.).
  • Effective equipment for controlling and regulating production, with a large accumulation capacity;
  • FIFO (First In, First Out), with progressive and orderly accumulation;
  • High accumulation capacity for processing large or small products;
  • Allows products to be stopped/stored in the event of a slowdown/stoppage;
  • Minimizes possible damage to the product in the event of an unexpected stop;
  • Allows format changes without the need for mechanical adjustments;
  • Easy integration into existing lines.
The number of rows and the length of the table vary according to the accumulation needs of the production line and the product to be handled.


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