Bespoke Solutions

Sometimes, there is need to integrate a broader solution or to develop a specific solution for a customer. Pentaline® is qualified for this and has all the departments and tools required for conducting a personalized study concerning a given machine or unique solution. Pentaline® has powerful software, such as:

  • AutoCAD 2D;
  • SolidWorks 3D and simulation;
  • Robot simulators;
  • Programming software;


Here are some examples:

  • Traditional palletizers and depalletizers;
  • Tile placers/removers;
  • Shaft systems for multiple applications;
  • Canister and/or box turners;
  • Continuous bottle rejectors;
  • Heavier product rejectors;
  • Carriers of lids to cover cans;
  • Vision systems;
  • Tray formers;
  • Product boxers;
  • Continuous drying systems for containers that use effective ventilators and air knifes and/or cannons to this end;
  • Grippers created for diverse conveying and/or handling functions;


With a vast experience in R&D, Pentaline® can help design and build, validate or bring your idea to life by means of strict testing and practical internal acceptance.


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