Elevators and Descenders

Pentaline® has a wide variety of elevators and descenders implemented in the market, with a strong export component.

With these products, the customer can:

  • Overcome obstacles or existing lines;
  • Continue the line even when the plant floor is uneven;
  • Separate production areas of different classes;
  • Create passages for people or forklift trucks;
  • Create main product movement collectors;


Representing a solid, robust product and being one of the company’s oldest products, the quality and functioning are guaranteed.

The machines can convey all types of products with round, square, or other formats. There are options you can select, such as the automatic format change by adjusting machine corridors. All construction aspects are considered for the control or total elimination of problems such as high pressure in curves or belt stretching.

The experience of Pentaline® is included in the acquisition and integration of these machines.

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