EvoPal Sodalis

Collaborative palletizing solution designed for small spaces and quick commissioning. Aimed at production lines with lower cadence or for assisting multiple lines with intermittent functioning, can be relocated to different end-of-lines.

  • Modular concept allows adding multiple other features, e.g., slip sheets to be handled by palletizing robot and/or second palletizing station, others upon request;
  • Plug & Play model designed with simplicity and space optimization in mind;
  • Mechanical structure and user-friendly interface guarantee a quick start-up and easy maintenance;
  • Its mobility allows for other end-of-line units to be easily assisted;
  • Quick start-up upon delivery to the customer;
  • Collaborative version allows for the elimination of safety fences, provides a simplified environment, and can work with constant proximity to operators;
  • Collaborative pneumatic grippers with suitable construction/contacts to the product being handled and according to available space (vacuum);
  • Collaborative elevator that ensures the palletization of higher pallets;
  • Guaranteed safety of the integrated solution as a whole;


The areas of application and products to be handled are diverse:

  • Food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, hygienic paper, logistics, and others;
  • Packages, boxes, bottles, jars, cans, buckets, and other types of products under confirmation;
  • All pallet and slip sheet sizes;

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