Robotic Systems

Robotic systems are a great part of Pentaline®, where we have developed multiple concepts, the quality and practical efficiency of which have been recognized in the national and international markets.

The customer can expect a main Pentaline® system as a starting point and then adapt it to their needs with the help of our multidisciplinary team. Our product range includes multiple types of products, such as:

  • Low or medium-speed palletizers with unit and/or row handling;
  • High-speed palletizers with flexible mosaic formation and handling by layers;
  • Compact palletizers that allow industrial performance with a reduced size and for quick commissioning;
  • Collaborative solutions that allow palletizing in controlled and flexible environments and certified Human-Machine collaboration applications;
  • Line feed layer depalletizers;
  • Medium and high-speed product packaging;
  • Product handling for specific line operations;

These product ranges have multiple standard or specific optional elements that can be added to the installation according to line needs, for instance:

  • Handling of non-slip sheets;
  • Handling of empty pallets;
  • Multiple grippers that adapt to the product to handle;
  • Operation with multiple product, pallet, or non-slip sheets reference lines;
  • Application of slave pallet or preparation of slave pallet for the warehouse;
  • Product and/or pallet tracking for total production control;
  • Remote access for swift customer support by Pentaline®;
  • Other solutions can be added with Pentaline® customization;

Pentaline® offers robotic solutions that work with a wide variety of products and markets and are designed to meet the specific needs of the customer. These are already well-developed in their man-machine relationship and interface, having systems that are pretty easy to operate with user-friendly concepts that facilitate the learning curve and future installation use, for instance, with the creation of new formats.

Our solutions are ready for manual interfaces (pallet trucks or forklift trucks) or automatic interfaces (LGVs or direct connections to automatic warehouses). Pentaline® has the autonomy and experience required for providing a fully integrated solution for the plant while meeting the customer’s highest standards.

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