As an essential, key equipment to the core business of Pentaline®, conveyors are well-developed equipment with a strong incidence and evolution at Pentaline®. By constantly integrating conveyors in line and end-of-line engineering solutions or with other machines, Pentaline® has all types of conveyors, such as:

  • Bottles, large bottles;
  • Packages;
  • Cans;
  • Crates;
  • Kegs, canisters;
  • Boxes;
  • Casts or moulds for relative conveying;
  • Bulk products (empty bottles, toilet paper and others);
  • Glass;
  • Magnetics for capsules and/or other elements;
  • Vacuum or pneumatic conveying;
  • Pallets;
  • Special for large loads;
  • For direct contact with food (FDA);
  • Others;


Diverse solutions are used (modular belt, chain, rollers, canopies, etc.) depending on the industry in question. These are structures that are easy to clean and maintain made essentially of stainless steel AISI304L or AISI316L and/or painted carbon steel.

In this field, Pentaline® quasi machines to support production lines, which are usually to be combined with the conveyors, such as:

  • Idle pallet storage;
  • Transfer and/or rotary tables;
  • Ascending or descending belts;
  • Bottle liners;
  • Bottle separators;
  • Accumulation conveyors;
  • Varied technical conveyors;
  • Deviators;
  • Shuttles for the reception and distribution of pallets between multiple entries and exist – simple or double;
  • Others;


As a certified, responsible, and reliable company, all equipment developed by Pentaline® are delivered with:

  • List and drawings of spare parts;
  • Use and maintenance manual;
  • Electric, pneumatic, and hydraulic schemes;
  • Backups;
  • CE certificate;
  • Certificates for materials and/or equipment used;
  • Others;


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