Distributers and Unifiers

Pentaline® often integrates its distributers or unifiers in the engineering and development of full lines for managing products in one or multiple lines at the same time.

These machines can also be used as a plug-and-play equipment, supplied in separate and with its own system, easy to integrate. They are often used with other equipment, such as:

  • Triage via artificial vision with subsequent forwarding of the product to an exit for rejected products;
  • Triage via barcode reading with subsequent forwarding of the multiple products to the respective exit line;
  • Single-line distribution into double or triple line when entering a Palletizer or another machine;
  • Unification of a double line when exiting a packing machine into a line and single-row conveyor to feed other machines;
  • To balance product dose that is fed to multiple lines and ensure that the product is distributed evenly or vice-versa, receiving from multiple lines and converting into one single line;

Pentaline® distributers and unifiers have multiple validation systems for product non-conformities and are protected against derailing. These machines are precise and fast and can work in high-speed, intensive lines.

They can be mounted in lines for all types of products, such as: large bottles, packs, boxes, bread, crates, among others.

For special applications, Pentaline® can also integrate your robotic laning system with the function being carried out beforehand by a robot in a more flexible, dynamic way.


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