EvoPal Pulsus

Highly flexible and powerful robotic system, designed for the production of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG). Basic solution with a robotic rotate and push mosaic former and row palletizer. This model has several available options for increased cadence, where operations are segmented through more robots or peripherals.


  • Modular concept allows adding multiple other features, e.g., slip sheets to be handled by palletizing robot and/or pallet conveyors to manage empty and full pallets;
  • Automatic and instant format changeover, without mechanical adjustments;
  • Floor-level palletizer facilitates access and maintenance;
  • Customized solution adaptable to existing layout;
  • Possibility of one or several pick-and-place robot stations;
  • More compact than a single-layer palletizing solution;
  • Mosaic formation through rotator and pusher allows careful handling of a wide range of products;
  • Equipment designed to allow every row dimension, double row, and type of mosaic;
  • Row and/or double row palletizing for high production capacity;
  • Robust and servo-controlled grippers, with suitable construction/contacts to the product being handled and according to available space (forks, vacuum, magnetic or clamp);

The areas of application and products to be handled are diverse:

  • Food, beverage, pharmaceutical, tissue paper, and others;
  • Packs, boxes, bottles, jars, cans, buckets, barrels, trays, and other types of products under confirmation;
  • All pallet and slip sheet sizes;


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